Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup solution has been launched and running very succesfully!

We now offer the ability to backup anything to the cloud!

  • Local PC / Laptop
    If you’re keeping all your family photos on your PC, or important emails and documents, what would happen if your PC died? With our Cloud Backup, you could just download the files again!
  • Server
    If you’re a small to large business running servers, we can backup all the files on their either daily, weekly or monthly for disaster recovery or lost file recovery.
  • Exchange / Database
    We can even back up exchange servers and database servers.

How does it work?
We start off with collecting a data seed, then install some software locally to your PC / Laptop / Server. This backup software then does incremental backups of any new or modified files. We invoice per GB used, and then worse case happens we can either send you your files back or allow you to download them.

If you would like to know more about when our cloud backup will be launched, please feel free to contact us.