Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

With many new and small businesses wanting the full functionality and reliability of big business IT we offer Hosted Exchange which is a hosted email service.

Hosted Exchange gives the smallest of businesses the IT power of the larger businesses. Equally, the larger businesses benefit from the hosted element which gives resilience and flexibility.

Our Hosted Exchange is used by sole traders and SMEs alike, with pricing starting at 1 user and going up to as many as required. We have a large team of support engineers on hand to help with setup and migration and on going support should you get stuck with anything.


We can even offer Microsoft Outlook for PC and/or Mac software as part of the bundle hosted email bundle; along with webmail and syncing between devices.

With hosted exchange you get “out of office” functionality not available with POP3 or IMAP.

Our Hosted Exchange product comes as standard with our Hosted Desktop which offers a wider range of options based on Citrix.

Currently we are offering our hosted email product with FREE McAfee Anti-spam protection.

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