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We can support the Spanish teaching in either a Primary or Secondary School, or a further or Higher education. We can commit to work 12 hours a week for up to a year from the 1st of October to 31st of May.

We're passionate about what we do and have a proven track record of success.

How can we help:

We can help you to plan activities and lessons, produce resources to help students to improve their language skills, and prepare students for their oral examination.

We can also support the creation and/or development of international partnerships with schools in Spain.

We can introduce and transmit the students the Spanish culture by discussing topics such as festivals, social events, sports, celebrities, current affairs, films, etc.


Enquire us with all your requirements to get a proper quote.

As an extra cost we can also help to mark work.

You know where we are and I am sure you know we can help you too.



Spanish Intensive Course / Spanish Catch up course


Enquire us with all your requirements to get a proper quote, also please let us know your postcode, how many hours your child requires and what is his or her predicted grade.

Please remember this are intensive courses which might or might not be available. Follow the link below and check suggested days and times. Then forward your enquiry to us.

Spanish GCSE Intensive Course

Latest update: July 2020

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